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Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS, President Brian S. Glatt, MD, FACS

What a presidential run this has been! In March of 2020, just three days before our Spring Workshop on breast surgery, we were forced to cancel after the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. Although at that time most of us could never have imagined how this novel virus would change our lives, and how long all of this would last, we have certainly come a long way since then. The NESPS, similar to many other surgical societies, has faced significant challenges with respect to programing, finances and ongoing engagement with members... More


David Otterburn, MD, Editor David Otterburn, MD

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Enclosed you will find this year’s edition of the NESPS Newsletter. The past 2 years have been tumultuous and straining for everyone, and it’s still not clear that we are at the end of our long journey through this pandemic. However, we all cheer the return of in person meetings including our Fall meeting Sept 10-12 in Philadelphia. For many it will be the first in person meeting attended and hopefully a chance to not only celebrate our research and clinical accomplishments but also a chance to socially reconnect. More


“Sorry, we can’t catch a break-- Just got another intubated COVID patient and are swamped down here. Three admissions in the last hour. Can you come line her up?”
“Sure, have the supplies by the bedside. Just finishing up another patient and I will come down.”
“Will do, thanks. See you soon.” More


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38th Annual Meeting

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38th Annual Meeting Panel Highlights

Friday, September 10th

PANEL 1: Breast Augmentation: Back to Basics
Regency A/B
Moderator: Troy Pittman, MD
Panelists: James Economides, MD (Planning and Performing Safe Breast Augmentation)
Mark D. Epstein, MD (Revision Breast Augmentation in Patient with Textured Implants)
Troy Pittman, MD (Controlling the Overdissected Pocket)
Caroline Glicksman, MD (ASERF Sposored Study on Berast Implant Illness)

Women In Plastic Surgery Luncheon

PANEL 2: Social Media and Reputation Management
Regency A/B
Moderator: Brian Glatt, MD, FACS
Panelists: Ashley Amalfi, MD
Samuel Lin, MD
Matthew Schulman, MD
PANEL 3: Hot Topics in Implant Based Reconstruction
Regency A/B
Moderator: Tara Huston, MD, FACS
Panelists: David Otterburn, MD
Katie Weichman, MD
Hani Sbitany, MD
Saturday, September 11th
PANEL 4: Financial Panel
Regency A/B
Moderator: Joseph Serletti, MD
Panelists: Ashley Amalfi, MD
Jordan Frey, MD
PANEL 5: Chairmen Panel
Regency A/B
Moderator: Suhail Kanchwala, MD
Panelists: David H. Song, MD, MBA
Babak J. Mehrara, MD
Donald R. Mackay, MD, FACS
Andrea L. Pusic, MD
Sunday, September 12th
PANEL 6: Tips And Tricks
Regency A/B
Moderator: Evan Matros, MD
Panelists: Rachel Bluebond-Langner, MD
David Song, MD, MBA
Babak Mehrara, MD
Alan Matarasso, MD, FACS
Christine H. Rohde, MD
Derek Steinbacher, MD

Spring Workshop - Save the Date

2022 NESPS Spring Workshop

2021 Annual Business Meeting Notice

The NESPS Annual Business Meeting will be held on Saturday, September 11, 2021, at 12:00 PM in the Regency A/B of the Loews Philadelphia Hotel.

*View the minutes of the 2019 Annual Business Meeting minutes of October 6, 2019, in Pittsburgh, PA
*due to Covid-19 pandemic and the virtual presentation of the NESPS Annual Meeting, no Business Meeting was held in 2020.

The following slate of nominations will be voted on:


President Brian Glatt John Potochny
Vice President John Potochny Howard Langstein
Secretary Janice Lalikos
Serving 2nd term, eligible for re-election
Janice Lalikos
Treasurer Howard Langstein
Serving 1st term, eligible for re-election
Tara Huston
Historian Jeffrey Gusenoff
Serving 3rd year term, eligible for re-election
Jeffrey Gusenoff
Member-at-Large Bernard Lee
Completing 2nd year of Dr. Langstein's term. Eligible for election for a 2-year term.
Bernard Lee
Member-at-Large Christine Rohde
Completing 1st year of her 2-year term.
Christine Rohde
Trustee Jeffrey Ascherman
Term ends 2020
Peter Taub
Term ends 2022
Trustee Babak Mehrara
Term ends 2021
Jeffrey Ascherman
Immediate Past President Peter Taub Brian Glatt

** Parliamentarian is a Presidential appointment.


The NESPS Education Fund, formerly the Second Decade Fund, was inaugurated in 1998 by Dr. Bill Little to support the educational efforts of the NESPS. More