Fall 2018
2018 Annual Business Meeting Notice

The NESPS Annual Business Meeting will be held on Friday, October 26, at 12:30 PM in the ROOM of the Renaissance Boston Hotel.

View the minutes of the 2017 Annual Business Meeting minutes of September 9, 2017, in Newport, Rhode Island.

A proposed bylaw amendment will be voted on at this business meeting which will eliminate the requirement of ASPS membership to be a member of NESPS. Your Board has approved this bylaw amendment and is recommending your approval.

The following slate of nominations will be voted on:

President Babak Mehrara Peter Taub
Vice President Peter Taub Brian Glatt
Secretary Brian S. Glatt
Serving 3rd term, ineligible for re-election
Deepak Narayan
Treasurer John Potochny
Serving 1st term, eligible for re-election
John Potochny
Historian Jeffrey Gusenoff
Serving 1st term, eligible for re-election
Jeffrey Gusenoff
Member-at-Large Deepak Narayan
Completing 2nd year - ineligible for re-election
Howard Langstein
Member-at-Large Janice Lalikos
Term ends 2019
Janice Lalikos
Trustee Steven Baker Jeffrey Ascherman
Trustee Raymond Dunn
Term ends 2019
Raymond Dunn
Immediate Past President Jeffrey Ascherman Babak Mehrara